home-page-featuredWe all know that one person, right? The one who makes us feel insanely inadequate because he or she seems to have it all together, right? This person has a good job, drives a great car and has seemingly perfectly brought up children?

Well, I’ll tell you what. I’m not that person. Never have been. I had kind of a crappy childhood, semi-ok teenage years, and some pretty hellish 20’s. I’m now 35 and I still don’t feel like I have it all together. But know what I found out?

That’s OK.

I have learned that we don’t have to be perfect, because we can learn from the ultimate life coach. Jesus said some pretty awesome things in that book of His, and the rest of the book has some pretty awesome things in it too.

When you read these posts, they are my way of learning about my good friend Jesus, the ultimate life coach, and telling my own stories about Him. I want everyone to know that we don’t have to be perfect, because Jesus is. But while we are not being perfect, we can try to be better. And using the teachings in the bible to become better people should be on everyone’s to-do list. This blog is designed to be inspirational to you, and to encourage you to live your most authentic life.

So follow along with me as I learn about Jesus and others in the coolest book ever written, and as we all learn to live the Bible Geek Lifestyle. Welcome.

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