God Has Great Things In Store

Genesis 37-50

The story of Joseph has always been one of my favorites. Not because he ends up being second in command of Egypt, or because he was able to save his family from the famine. My favorite part of the story is that no matter what happened to him, he still managed to trust God. Joseph had a dream as a young boy that told him God had great things in store, so he trusted God to deliver on that promise no matter what outside circumstances said.

How many of us can say this? I know I can’t. I will receive a promise from God, and when things start to look funky, I get mad. I know I can’t be the only one that gets that way, right?

Joseph went through so much in his life. He gets kidnapped and almost killed, then sold into slavery, then put in prison then finally receives the promise from God fulfilled. Do you have a dream that you know is from God but you just can’t seem to get over the hurdles? Never fear, God knows what he’s doing. In order for the pharaoh to trust Joseph’s interpretation of his dream, he had to have backup. In order to have that backup, he had to interpret the baker and cupbearer’s dreams. In order to meet the cupbearer and baker, Joseph had to be in prison…do you see where I’m going with this? God had to allow those things to happen, in that order, so that Joseph would always be in the right place at the right time.


Maybe your circumstances aren’t roadblocks to your blessing, but maybe just a repositioning. Notice that Joseph was in jail for 2 FULL YEARS before Pharaoh had his dream. Joseph had to have been getting discouraged. But when he met with pharaoh, he seemed to be in good spirits, and was able to give pharaoh the interpretation that got him out of jail and into the position that God had for him.

I have a hard time with this too, but the more I read the story of Joseph the more I learn that God has His own way of doing things, and He ALWAYS knows best. So learn along with me how to trust, and we just may ALL get our blessings 🙂

Until Next Time,



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