Journals, Bibles and Devotionals

So in my previous post I promised a list of some of my favorite things for my new years goals. I’m going to start with 4 of the devotionals that I found. Two of them I’ve used, and two of them just looked like fun. You can find them all at Mardel online. I will be buying one of them just because it looks like so much fun! And I have some spare Christmas money that’s burning a hole in my wallet 😉


Jesus Calling. This is by far my favorite devotional I’ve ever used. No matter what day I open this on, I always find something relevant that I need to hear. It’s written in such a way that I feel like Jesus is speaking directly to me. It’s such a comfort.


Streams In The Desert. This is another favorite that I read streams-in-the-desertyears ago. Each day is so encouraging. I love it.




ending-your-day-rightEnding Your Day Right. This is one I haven’t read, but really want to. I love Joyce Meyer. She is so encouraging, and always says things in an honest, blunt way. I have always respected that.



gloriously-real-livesThe One Year Book of Inspiration for Girlfriends juggling not-so-perfect, often crazy, but gloriously real lives. Ok, so this title alone tells me this is going to be fun! I haven’t actually read this one either, but it looks so fun it’s totally on my list!



Those are my choices for devotionals for this upcoming year. Lots more to choose from, so let me know if you have one you love and use every year, or if you have tried one of these four! I’d love to read your comments!

Now, on to journals….I love journals. I collect them, but don’t really write in them as much as I should. I have one I carry with me everywhere, just in case I get inspired. But unfortunately, I don’t get inspired as much as I should. So one of my goals this year is to write in my journal more. Mardel has TONS to choose from, and they are all really cool! Here are my top choices:

Do you like to Journal? What kind of journal do you like to use? Leave a comment below!

Now onto the really fun part…the bibles. My goal is to read my bible more often in 2017, so I’m thinking of starting a one year reading plan. Tons of those to choose from, you guys! they are all pretty basic, and almost all the same layout, so I won’t bore you with those. Google knows all in this instance. I will tell you that my childhood church, Victory Christian Center, has theirs online, and it’s really user friendly, not to mention FREE 🙂

I have several different bibles in my kindle app on my laptop, but I really like to hold one in my hand, and highlight and color to my heart’s content. So I will probably be looking for a hard copy bible to go along with my study bibles on my kindle. I have one at home, but it’s really simple, and I want something a little more exciting. One of my favorite bibles I’ve ever used is the Celebrate Recovery Bible. It has the bible of course, but it also has journal questions, and stories from people in recovery. Those stories are really encouraging and I find myself reading them over and over whenever I feel lost and out of control.

How about you? Do you have a favorite bible that you use? Let me know below! I’d love to talk to you!

Now I’m off to get my new year off to a good start!

*NOTE: I am not receiving any affiliate commissions from any of the links above. But I love Mardel and want to support them in any way possible. Please don’t feel you have to buy from them, but I recommend it. They’re awesome.

Until Next Time,



2 thoughts on “Journals, Bibles and Devotionals

  1. readefining says:

    this is soo timely! one of my goals for the new year is to journal my prayers to God and to write down his responses when they are answered. i also have a bunch of journals and i start each year saying i’m going to fill a whole journal but that only happened once lol

    thank so much for sharing!
    happy new year full of spiritual growth to you,

    elaine 🙂


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