Patience Is A Virtue

Ok, so I think I mentioned that I’m 35, right? Well, in all those 35 years, I’ve never had a broken bone. I praise God all the time for strong bones and healthy bodily systems.

I thought this week that I had finally broken that record, and had my very first broken bone. You can even see a picture of my ace bandaged foot on Instagram, spouting my foot’s good luck. Such is not the luck, though, because I can’t ever have just normal injuries. I went to the ER on New Years Day (worst day EVER, by the way) to have my foot looked at because it was becoming increasingly painful, and I had reached my limit.

That ER visit is the reason for today’s blog title. It took SO MUCH patience to make it through that ER visit, that I thank GOD I had a good friend with me to keep me company. If I had had to go through that by myself I would have gone nuts. But I worked on Facebook, and Instagram on my phone, and even played a game or two of candy crush, because I realized that getting impatient over something outside of my control was not only going to steal my peace, but I wouldn’t have had a great story to tell all of you guys 🙂

“We can rejoice, too, when we run into problems and trials, for we know they help us develop endurance. ”  

                                                        –Romans 5:3 NLT

Being able to see Sunday’s ER visit as a trial to overcome because it is giving me something actually helped me stay patient. A couple of times, my friend and I started joking around that they weren’t calling me fast enough, but I could actually tell that neither of us was actually overly impatient. We started seeing it as kind of an adventure, and that helped us keep our heads and not lose them.

Granted, having to walk anywhere was painful, and at one point I had to sit in a wheelchair because I wasn’t going to be able to walk very far, but the whole experience taught me that even though I can’t see the end of the tunnel, or the end of a doctor’s appointment, that doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Patience is a lot like Faith. Believing something will happen before we see actual results.

Now, however, my patience is truly being tested. I’m having to be on crutches and an orthopedic boot for a few weeks, which completely stinks. I hate crutches, and am even having trouble using them. Learning a new skill takes patience, and waiting for a follow up appointment takes patience.

Seems everything takes patience these days.

But what am I gonna do? I’ll tell ya. I’m going to work on my patience, work on my faith, and keep my spirits up during the next few weeks. I know God will help me, because He is always willing to help us when we ask for it.

What do you need patience for? Let me know below! I’d love to hear from you 🙂

Until Next Time,



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