4 People From The Bible Who Had To Start Over

Ok, so my boss at work asked me to start looking for another job. I’m not really being fired, as they are giving me time to find something else before I leave. The feeling is pretty much the same though. I’ll be honest, I really want this blog to take over because I know I have a lot to say, and I want to get my voice out there. But until I can do that…bills still gotta get paid, and I have this awful habit where I like to eat every day.

So I’m in a job search, again. It’s not fun and it’s quite frustrating, but then I got to thinking…the theme for January is “New Beginnings,” and that’s what this is, right? This is a chance for me to start over, learn something new, and work with some new possibly awesome people, right?

So that got me thinking too…who in the bible can I study that also had to start over?

So that is the reason for my post today. I’m going to share some people from the bible who had to leave their life and start new ones somewhere else. Let’s get started:

  1. Ruth. Her husband died, she had nowhere to go, so she followed her mother in law to another country and another city because she considered Naomi her family. It had to be scary for her, but she trusted God, and ended up married to a rich guy and really happy because of that trust.
  2. Abraham. Before he was called Abraham, he was called Abram. God called him to leave his city, and move somewhere else, because that somewhere else was where Abraham would become the father of many nations. Again, because he trusted God, Abraham became the patriarch of the nation of Israel. His descendants numbered like the stars. This is a nation that is still around today.
  3. Paul. He was called Saul when he was a high-ranking Pharisee, and even oversaw the execution of many Christians in the early days. When he met Jesus on the road to Damascus, he had to leave behind everything he knew, and became one of the best known apostles in the bible. He wrote most of the New Testament, and we have all learned much from him over the years, whether we know it or not.
  4. Simon Peter. Simon was one of the first disciples of Jesus, and literally left everything behind to follow Jesus. He was working on his fishing boat, Jesus said “follow me,” and Peter left everything. This took immense trust in Jesus, but at the same time I believe that what Jesus said in that “follow me” was much more powerful than what we read in words.

We all have times when we need to start over. It’s never quite easy, and always a little frightening. But look at these 4 people! They all had to start over, and they ended up in REALLY great places! All they had to do was trust God, and trust that He had a plan.

My plan this year and through this job search is to Trust God More. What’s your plan? Leave me a comment below!

Until Next Time,



2 thoughts on “4 People From The Bible Who Had To Start Over

  1. Jodi says:

    I want to thank you for your willingness to share the personal hardships in your life and showing me how they can be a positive thing. I’ve never been good at optimism. Your strength of will and character are train inspiration to me. Thank you for your powerful and uplifting messages! I look forward to reading many more in the near future!


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